Sliced Pear and Cheddar Feel-Good Popcorner Topper

Makes 24
Cheese and fruit – one of our most tried and true marriages of taste. These topped Popcorners are equally comfortable at a dress-up occasion or for a quick Saturday afternoon snack. Candied ginger is a delicious waker-upper.


  • 24 White Cheddar Popcorners
  • 1 pear, cored and thinly sliced into 24 pieces
  • 3 ounces sharp cheddar, sliced with a peeler into 24 slivers
  • ¼ cup orange marmalade
  • 16 thin slices of candied ginger


Arranged the Popcorners on a serving plate. Top each with a slice of pear, a sliver of cheese, a small dollop of marmalade and a ginger slice.

Eat immediately!