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the rebellion

Time To Change popcorn

Snacking is no longer just a treat, it’s part of how we eat. the category today is being split into two: tasty snacks that you regret after eating and healthy snacks that hurt your tastebuds. consumers are tired of being forced to choose. more so consumers are turned off by brands that sell to them. they look to brands that go beyond being honest, but also stand for something, aligning with their values.

Popcorners has the opportunity to break the mold and offer a solution to the category, with its unique product attributes and experience. our vision is to connect emotionally with consumers by inviting them to join us as we take a stand against category conventions.


The right to genuine, uncomplicated enjoyment for everyone is a cause worth fighting for life isn’t perfect, and sometimes we settle for something less than what we want. we're fighting for what simple joy and the things that help us experience that.


So we’re setting free the beliefs of what a tasty snack is:

1. There’s another way! We see snacks differently, we look for new possibilities, like the way they’re made. We press our chips twice for the ‘perfectly imperfect,’ texture so you can experience the ultimate crunch and mouthfeel. We’re always striving for something better.

2. Keeping it real! Our innovative process allows us to maintain the integrity of our ingredients, giving you the very best possible taste and clean crunch. and we limit the number of ingredients we use so you can recognize what you’re eating.

3. Better together! We are honest about what we do and who we work with. we partner with people that do the right thing – farmers that care about the crop, such as non-GMO, land, and the people who eat our products.


By creating snacks that unite delicious flavors, good ingredients, and an amazing crunch for a better healthier eating experience it’s about creating snacks that do more than check all the boxes. We set the bar high from a health and flavor perspective, using only the good stuff - real ingredients, nothing artificial.