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The 10 Annoying Snack Habits of Your Co-Workers

We’ve all been there. You’re super focused on a project with a rapidly approaching deadline when all of a sudden, the person sitting at the desk next to yours starts loudly slurping their coffee. Or your boss walks up to your desk to discuss an upcoming client meeting only to have their mouth wide open while snacking away on a granola bar.

But hopefully, you aren’t guilty of committing any of these ten most annoying snack habits of your co-workers.

  1. The Cruncher: Whether they’re eating carrot sticks or string cheese, the cruncher can be heard snacking away from all corners of your office. No exaggeration, the cruncher sounds like someone jammed a screwdriver into an electric pencil sharpener. Earplugs are highly recommended.
  2. The Desk Eater: Everyone is working hard, but the desk eater is constantly eating at their workstation every single day. Sure some of your co-workers are shy and standoffish, but the desk eater insists on chatting with anyone who walks by while chowing down on lunch at their desk. An office is a community, and when the desk eater remains at their workspace for every single meal, it makes it seem like they are not interested in socializing with their co-workers.
  3. The Olfactory Offender: It’s not unreasonable to expect a little consideration on the part of your co-workers. If you want to listen to music at your desk, you put on headphones. If you sneeze, you cover your mouth. However, the olfactory offender has no problem eating leftover seafood and other pungent delicacies that stink up the break room microwave as well as the surrounding areas. There’s nothing worse than trying to answer emails with the odor-ific scent of someone’s day-old salmon a la oscar and broccoli hanging in the air.  
  4. The Beggar: We all live on a budget, but the beggar takes that to a whole new level. While everyone is eating lunch in the break room, the beggar is nudging co-workers to see if they have any morsels to spare. The beggar always has an excuse for having nothing to eat, such as being broke or having forgotten their lunch at home, but never seems to take any steps to remedy the situation. Sharing is caring but seriously, grow up and bring your own sandwich to work!
  5. Judgy McJudgerson: “No, the dinner leftovers I’m reheating are not gluten-free and vegan. Sorry!” If you’ve ever had to say that to a co-worker, then you are familiar with Judgy McJudgerson. They are the snobby foodie that only eats the trendiest foods - whether it’s low-cal or all green they’re only interested in what’s big on Hollywood menus at the moment.
  6. The Squirrel: It’s the middle of a staff meeting, and all of the sudden, the office squirrel is chomping away on a foot long sub. Where did it come from? Did the squirrel have it with them this whole time? The squirrel hoards food and rarely shares when extra is obviously available, much to the chagrin of the beggar. Upon raiding the squirrel’s desk, you will find no less than five candy bars, a dozen snack-size bags of chips, and at least three cans of soup.
  7. The Slob: You can spot the slob from thirty paces. They have mustard on their shirt, crumbs in the corner of their mouth, and somehow lettuce has managed to find its way into their hair. The slob can drink a glass of water and still end up looking like they just finished eating an entire rack of ribs without using their hands. Whenever the slob gives you a file or some paperwork, you can guarantee it’s going to be covered in sticky fingerprints. And, don’t even get us started on the conditions of the slob’s desk.
  8. Debbie Downer:  Every day, Debbie Downer eats the same cup of soup and peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. She takes no joy in the food she consumes and usually picks at it like some sad little bird. Eating lunch with Debbie Downer is like having lunch with the Grim Reaper, but somehow more depressing.
  9. Lip Smacker: While the Debbie Downer takes no joy in the food that they consume, it’s the exact opposite with the lip smacker. You can hear the lip smacker “oohing” and “aahing” over every bite of their microwaveable burrito that they bought at 7-11 as though it was made by a five-star chef. Don’t even get the lip smacker started on the mouthfeel of their food. It could get weird.
  10. The Savorer: Someone brings cupcakes into the office, and the savorer can spend upwards of two hours picking away at the treat. The savorer chews every bite of their cottage cheese for at least two solid minutes. Can you imagine what the savorer’s family goes through at Thanksgiving? It must take the entire holiday weekend for the savorer to get through their turkey and stuffing dinner.

Have you had to deal with any of these offenders? Or did we miss any? Either way, we bet you’ll be more conscious of your own snacking habits from here on out.