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In our never-ending quest to Do One Better, we’ve provided answers to frequently asked questions we’ve received.

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PopCorners are 3-4 Weight Watchers pts per serving (16-20 chips), Flex Protein Crisps are 2pts per serving (24 crisps)

Calorie count range from 110 - 130 calories per serving of PopCorners, 90 calories per serving of Flex Protein Crisps and 100-120 carlories per serving of Flourish Veggie Crisps.

PopCorners contain 0-1g of Fiber per serving, Flex Protein Crisps contain 4g of Fiber per serving and Flourish Veggie Crisps contain 2g of Fiber per serving.

PopCorners are made in a facility that does not process peanuts or tree nuts.

We believe every day is an opportunity to take one small step forward. Each step in the right direction allows us to rise up, find our voice and impact others. Doing One Better is about finding simple, small, or maybe big ways that you can improve yourself or the world around you. The idea is that if we each find one way to Do Better each day, the impact we can have collectively will create positive change.

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Yes! Right here on our website OR at,, and some retailer websites like and

PopCorners sources corn from Non-GMO farmers right here in the United States. Meet our farmers:

Within our original PopCorners lineup, the following flavors are vegan: Sea Salt, Sweet Chili, Kettle Corn. Within our Flex Protein Crisps lineup our BBQ is the only vegan flavor. Within our Flourish Veggie Crisps lineup our Harvest Kale, Roasted Beet, Greens & Beans and Toasted Cauliflower are all vegan.

Yes, all PopCorners products are Gluten Free.

Yes, all flavors and products from PopCorners are OU or OU-D Kosher Certified

PopCorners are made using a patented air-popping technique that combines heat and moisture under compression to pop light and crispy PopCorners snacks.

This is such an important part of the production process, which is why we let the technical experts answer this one (can you tell?): Each run of any product containing designated allergen(s) or designated sensitizers are always followed by a complete and effective system cleaning before manufacturing of products which contain different or no deignated allergens or deignated sensitizers can commence.

On PopCorners original line of products, the chip count ranges from 16-20 chips per 1 ounce serving, Flex Protein Crisps are 24 crisps per 1 ounce serving and Flourish Veggie Crisps are 19 - 30 crisps per 1 ounce serving.

We have not converted our packaging to recyclable packaging, but we continue to explore options that would enable us to deliver the same great products, freshness and price that you've come to love about PopCorners. We are confident that if we (brands) and you (consumers) continue to emphasize the importance of recyclable packaging, then more options will become available allowing us to maintain the efficacy of our products so we can keep satisfying our fans!

Of our three product lines, our Flex Protein Crisps have the lowest carb count. We don't make any "low carb" claims on our products.

Of our three product lines, our Flex Protein Crisps have the highest protein (10g per serving).

Of our three product lines, our Flex Protein Crisps feature plant-based protein (from soybean and cassava).