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Do One Better is our mantra. It's a challenge to ourselves and to you, to take a step forward and do a little bit better than yesterday. It's an opportunity to snack a little smarter, laugh a little louder and make someone's day a little brighter.

Sometimes the best routes are the unexpected ones. Bypass your routine with Kettle Corn PopCorners, the reimagined carnival classic made with just yellow corn, a drizzle of sunflower oil, cane sugar, and just the right amount of sea salt to help propel the rest of your day.

shift gears for a more flavorful LIFE

Fresh air, exercise, decreasing stress, and helping the environment are just some of the great reasons to bike to work and reroute from ordinary-even if it's for a month, week, or day. It's these small, individual steps of improvement that will make great gains for everyone. Now that's how you Do One Better.

Below is a checklist of some important things you'll need to start pedaling toward a fantastic tomorrow.

Bike Commuter Apps

Make your commute even better with these bike route and bike sharing apps.

Bike Maps
Bike Share
Lyft Bikes


As you would guess, this is very important for every rider. Choose one that is safe, comfortable, and fits correctly.

Commuter Bikes

Before purchasing a bike, be sure to visit a reputable bike shop to be fitted for the perfect size bike to go along with your soon-to-be perfect commute.


Seeing everything on the road is essential. Headlamps can be worn on your helmet or strapped to your bike.


You certainly don't want to arrive at work without your documents. Secure them to a sturdy rack with straps or bungee cords.


Just because you see cars doesn't mean they see you. Protect yourself with quality bike reflectors.

Don't Forget To:

Check the Weather

Check Your Bike Route

Leave in Plenty of Time