What Can We Do Better?
Better food starts with the people who grow it – our crops are grown on 59 hand-selected, family farms across the Midwest. We choose farmers who grow and deliver only the finest quality, non-GMO crops. The one-to-one relationship means that we know where our crops come from, and that they are grown with care, integrity and sustainability in mind. This dedication continues from the farm to the nurtured process of turning milled crops into snacks that are both healthy and tasty.

Our Farm2Future program is another way we are working to support a better food future. This social initiative connects our family farmers directly to young people to educate, inspire, and empower them, so we can take bold steps together to do one better and create a sustainable, healthier future for everyone.
Meet the Family Farmer Coalition
meet eric!
Eric Thalken of Burkey Farms (Dorchester, NE) is proud make an impact to improve the food supply. Eric grew up in Omaha, NE in a farm family. Growing up on a family farm exposed him to the traditional way of farming. Over the years, he’s experienced farmers who are hesitant to accept the changes and challenges that come with the shift to non-GMO and Organic farming. However, from an early point in his farming career, he saw a need for the better practices and even more so the importance of passing on the benefit of better quality to the future generations. Eric is proud to be a part of the movement and has been growing organic and non-GMO for over 10 years now.
meet ken!
Ken Cross of Cross Farms (Friend, NE) has been farming for over 30 years and has prided his work on providing a fantastic product that is safe for the world. Ken grew up farming with his father, he now has the opportunity to farm with his son. He wants to make an everlasting impact on the food supply that will benefit his son, his grandchildren, and their grandchildren. Ken sees organic and non-GMO farming as a practice to allow him to grow the fantastic products consumers love in a way that is safer for his family and all the families eating his crops.
Meet Jim!
A seasoned farmer, Jim McGowen owns and operates the Jim and Nora McGowen Farm with his wife, son and three daughters. With roots in Beaver Crossing, Nebraska, the McGowen family farm has been passed down from generation to generation for nearly 130 years, growing corn, soybeans and wheat. Jim has been cultivating non-GMO corn in his fields - one of which was used to create our crop art - for over a decade! Thanks to farmers like Jim, Popcorners has a steady and reliable supply of transparently-grown, Non-GMO Project Verified corn to craft our deliciously crunchy popped snacks!